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PhD-M: Microeconomics for PhD-Management (Prof. Wieland Müller)

Wednesday, 09.45 - 11.15 h, Starting Day: March 8, 2017

upon interest please write an email until the latest 22.02.2017 12:00 to:  daniela.chipimo@univie.ac.at

 390017 SE PhD-Workshop: Scientific Paper Writing in Management and Economics

Registration starting February 1. 2017 and ending February 22. 2017 via email to: daniela.chipimo@univie.ac.at



390014 SE PhD-AW: Research Privatissimum in Econometrics/Statistics


390051 UK PhD-AW: Advanced Stochastic Modelling – Semimartingales


390025 SE Vienna Graduate Seminar in Economics


390030 SE PhD-VGSE: Macroeconomics course - Recent Developments in Macro/Labor


390033 SE PhD-VGSE: Research seminar in Microeconomics


390034 SE PhD-VGSE: Research seminar in Macroeconomics


390015 SE PhD-VGSF: Contract Theory


390016 SE PhD-VGSF: Capital Market Theory


390044 SE PhD-VGSF: Advanced Topics in Finance


390019 SE Research Seminar: Marketing/International Marketing


390021 SE Research Seminar: Topics of Organization, Controlling & Human Resources


390012 DK PhD-M: Philosophy of Science


390020 DK PhD-M: Qualitative Research Methods


390027 DK PhD-M: Advanced Optimization


390076 DK PhD-M: Structural Equations Modeling - PhD-M: Structural Equations Modeling


390008 DK PhD-M: Theory of Networks


390024 DK PhD-M: Microeconomics for PhD-Management


390050 DK PhD-L: Advanced Topics in Operations Management


390053 DK PhD-L: Advanced Stochastic Models






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