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Data Science International Summer School

24 and 31 August 2018, in Predeal (Romania)

§  Topics: statistics, machine learning, text mining, data management,
data visualization

§  Top specialists from USA, Norway, Austria, Slovenia and Spain

§  8 days: lectures, talks, hands-on sessions, projects and social

§  Applicants: graduate students (MSc, MA or PhD) or young
professionals familiar with computer programming and interested in
working with data

§  Application deadline: 15th July 2018

§  Fee: 600 USD, includes tuition and course materials, accommodation,
meals and social and networking events

§  Website: https://datascience.ase.ro

Central, East and South-East European
PhD-Network (CESEENET)

Coordinator 2014-2015:
Prof. Dr. Josef Windsperger
University of Vienna
Oskar-Morgenstern-Platz 1
1090 Wien

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