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The purpose of Central, East and South-East European PhD Network is to promote and facilitate cooperation within the Universities from Central, East and South-East Europe that offer PhD education in Economics and Business in order to increase the quality of their PhD programmes. The network will enable universities to organize

  • common courses in the specific fields of study,
  • research seminars,
  • exchange PhD students and
  • intensify research cooperation

The participating schools will benefit from the network activities, while maintaining the integrity of their accredited PhD programmes within the network.

Printable Information for Students of CESEENet


  • Organizing common courses in specific fields of study,
  • Organizing research seminars,
  • Facilitating PhD student exchanges,
  • Strengthening research cooperation,
  • Promoting cooperation on doctoral committees,
  • Establishing a working paper series,
  • Developing a joint academic journal,
  • Organizing a competition for the best paper in the region,
  • Organizing a summer school for PhD students and
  • Helping participating programs create an environment of excellence with a European perspective, while still pursuing diversity.

Membership criteria

According to the statute of the Network, universities and faculties from Central and South-East European countries, offering PhD programmes in Economics and Business can apply for full membership in Central and South-East European Network. Criteria for admitting university or faculty into Network are as follows:

  • The institution should run Bologna-type of PhD programme(s) in Economics and/or Business, being accredited in the country of Central and South-East Europe.
  • The institution should enroll doctoral students every year;
  • The institution should have the critical number of academically qualified (AQ) professors (according to AACSB criteria).

Central, East and South-East European
PhD-Network (CESEENET)

Coordinator 2014-2015:
Prof. Dr. Josef Windsperger
University of Vienna
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1090 Wien

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