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Information for Students

(Printable Information for Students of CESEENet)

The purpose of the Central and South-East European PhD Network is to promote and facilitate cooperation within the universities from Central and South East Europe that offer PhD education in Economics and Business in order to increase the quality of their PhD programs. Specifically, the network will enable universities to organize common courses in the specific fields of study and summer schools.

Students have the possibility to participate in these courses at the partner universities and obtain credits by attending these specialized courses.

 Application for Courses

  1. Students have to choose the relevant courses in cooperation with the PhD advisor at the home university.
  2. The course list for the next semester will be published here.
  3. For course application students should directly contact the administrative support person of the network partners.
  4. In order to get detailed course information, students should also contact the lecturer of the course at the partner university.
  5. For final coordination issues, students may also contact the coordinator of CESEENET and the responsible administrative support person.

 Arrival at the Partner University

Upon arrival please contact the administrative support person of the host university to make sure you are registered for your courses, as well as to get your letter of confirmation signed and stamped (see below).

Letter of Confirmation

Central, East and South-East European
PhD-Network (CESEENET)

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Prof. Dr. Josef Windsperger
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