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Name Instructor  Link to course content
Sociology seminar for doctoral students Dieter Bögenhold https://campus.aau.at/studium/course/88446
Topics in Corporate Finance Paul Schweinzer https://campus.aau.at/studium/course/87509
Joint Doctoral Seminar in MSOBE (Modelling, Simulation, Optimizationin Business and Economics) Reinhard Neck; Friederike Wall; Gerald Reiner; Paul Schweinzer https://campus.aau.at/studium/course/88420
PLM 18: Research Seminar: Research Methods in Operations Management, Logistics and Supply Chain Management Gerald Reiner https://campus.aau.at/studium/course/86597
Game Theory Paul Schweinzer https://campus.aau.at/studium/course/88421
Principles of Entrepreneurship & Innovation Dieter Bögenhold https://campus.aau.at/studium/course/88673
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