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Macroeconomics 3

Language:                   English

Annotation:                 The course offers introduction to the theory of economic growth and economic fluctuations. It focuses on the neoclassic models of economic growth, model of economic cycles and neo-Keynesian models.

Duration:                     32 hours (Winter Semester 2015/2016)

Department:                Department of Economics

Lecturer:                      Prof. Jeffrey A. Parker, Reed College, USA


Macroeconomic Policies

Language:                English

Annotation:              Introduction into the economic policy: IS-LM AD-AS models, Budget restrictions of public sector and Ricardian equivalency, deficits and inflation, monetary policy: targets and instruments, monetary policy of low inflation, liquidity trap and policy of non-negative interest rates.  

Duration:                  32 hours (Winter Semester 2015/2016)

Department:             Department of Economic Policy

Lecturer:                  Prof. Jesus C. Crespo, Vienna University of Economics and Business


Industrial Economics

Language:                  English

Annotation:                Eminent need to study industrial economics. Theory of market structures.  Firms – production function. Market structures and market power. Non-cooperative simultaneous decisions – static and dynamic games. Price discrimination, its nature and levels. Vertical restrictions and competition policy, case studies. Regulatory policies, their basic contexts, market failure and necessity to regulate natural monopolies.

Duration:                     32 hours (Winter Semester 2015/2016)

Department:               Department of Economic Policy

Lecturer:                     Prof. Christoph Weiss, Vienna University of Economics and Business


Quantitative Methods

Language:                  English

Annotation:                The learning is organized in blocks devoted to advancements in input-output analysis and economics of structural modelling, analysis of effectivity and productivity, econometrics and dynamic optimization. The selection of topics – blocks – for a semester depends on scientific focus of PhD students and is constantly updated with latest knowledge and hot topics.  

Duration:                     32 hours (Winter Semester 2015/2016)

Department:                Department of Economic Policy

Lecturer:                      Menbere Workie Tiruneh, prof. Dr. Ing. PhD.

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