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Name Instructor  Link to course content
Sociology seminar for doctoral students Dieter Bögenhold https://campus.aau.at/studium/course/90529
Joint Doctoral Seminar in MSOBE (Modelling, Simulation, Optimizationin Business and Economics) Reinhard Neck; Friederike Wall; Gerald Reiner; Paul Schweinzer https://campus.aau.at/studium/course/91142
PLM18: Research seminar: Research methods in operations management, logistics and supply chain management Boualem Rabta; Gerald Reiner https://campus.aau.at/studium/course/90317
PhD Seminar: Topics in sustainability and sustainable energy management Nina Hampl https://campus.aau.at/studium/course/92113
Theories and methods in management research Sanja Korac, Paolo Rondo-Brovetto https://campus.aau.at/studium/course/92228
Theory and methods in innovation N.N. https://campus.aau.at/studium/course/91531
Game Theory Paul Schweinzer https://campus.aau.at/studium/course/91141
Optimal control and dynamic games Reinhard Neck  https://campus.aau.at/studium/course/92288
Advanced Economic Policy Reinhard Neck
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